Technical information

To help you prepare for the Virtual Symposium, please find below some technical information:

  • Internet browser: We recommend Google Chrome, but the platform is also accessible on Firefox, Safari and IE 11+.
  • Processor: There are no restrictions on processing power, if you can acHow to book a meetingcess  you’ll be able to access the platform.
  • Bandwidth: There are no restrictions to access the platform. However, it would be advised to have a 5mb/s connection to watch videos in high-definition. If this is not attainable then please watch videos at a lower resolution.
  • Firewalls: By default no content needs to be accessible via a firewall or VPN. However, we cannot control the default restrictions set by your internet provider or state.
  • Support device: The platform is accessible across any device that can connect to the internet via an internet browser. The experience is fully responsive and you will be able to access your account across multiple devices and pick up from where you left off.


How to book a private meeting with one of the delegates?

Please check here the instruction